Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home, Home On The Range

We got back from Fort Collins last night. We had been there since Saturday visiting my father-in-law and helping him out with some things that needed to be done. Since we got home at sunset we quickly unloaded the car and then loaded the dogs in the truck and took them up to the cemetery for their evening run. When we got out of the truck I could smell smoke and asked my husband if we could be smelling the fires from California. He laughed and pointing to the burnt field across the road said, "That's what you're smelling."

I could not believe I had forgotten all about the fire we had here. The fires in California makes our fire look like baby stuff. I had been in contact with my brother off and on yesterday and he told me that they were ready to evacuate if necessary since they were close to the Harris Fire but everything seems to be OK at the moment. One blog friend had to evacuate but was allowed home yesterday and returned to a still standing house. So happy for her and her family. I cannot imagine what the clean-up is going to be like when these fires are finally put out. My thoughts are still with the people in Southern California today.

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