Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Angry Red Planet

Due to the weather I did not get to see the lunar eclipse last night. All I could see was smuged light emanating from the moon glowing through the cloud cover. My sister drove up to Boulder for the lunar party at Colorado University's Sommers-Bausch Observatory. After she got back home she sent me a e-mail listing the things not to ask when attending one of these events:

Here is what I learned at the observation desk.
1. When looking at a map of the sky, do not ask where Earth is located because they will say "Its a map of the SKY."
2. Do not ask if you can look through the microscope to see Mars.
3. Do not ask them why Mars looks so little and that you saw it much clearer in your sisters binoculars.
4. Do not ask what a "cloud rainbow" is. They do not know.

She also added this:

I did however get some great shots on my cell phone that you will not friggen believe.

And, my new boyfriend who is majoring in astronomical physics or something.... said to go to this guys site*. he be funny.

I wish I had been with her, sounds like she had a wonderful time.

*Bad Astronomy (He is correct. I enjoy this site.)

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