Monday, June 08, 2009

Unusal Weather We're Having, Ain't It?

-Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz (1939)

In Denver right now and we had a tornado touch down in the southwest part of the metropolitan area yesterday. It did a some damage to a mall down there but no one was injured. One man is in the hospital listed as serious after he got swept away while videoing the tornado while standing on his backyard patio. He is lucky he wasn't killed.

My sisters and I were down at the Capitol Hill People's Fair while that was happening huddled under a tree trying not to get wet in the pouring rain or hit by falling hail. We found out just how intense the storm had been when we were driving home. The streets were littered with tree leaves and hail stones were piled up like snow at the edge of peoples lawns. I saw a truck that had hail dents on its hood as we neared my sister's house and wondered if my car had been damaged by the hail. It had but only slightly. I was so happy to find the car windows and windshield intact that I wasn't bothered by the few dents on the trunk and hood.

My sister's trees also got beaten up and her flowers hammered. I found this to be more upsetting than the dinks on my car.

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