Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Hungry

For the food commercials from my childhood.

Hotdogs, Armour hotdogs.
What kinds of kids love Armour hot dogs?
Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks
Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox
Love hotdogs, Armour hot dogs,
The dogs kids love to bite!

Nestles makes the very best... CHAWWWK-KOLAAHHT!

My dog's faster than your dog,
My dog's bigger than yours
My dog's better 'cause he gets Ken-L Ration,
My dog's better than yours.

Double your pleasure, double your fun,
With DoubleMint, DoubleMint, DoubleMint gum.

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener,
That is what I'd truly like to be,
'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,
everyone would be in love with me.

Oh, I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Mayer wiener,
That is what I'd never want to be,
'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,
There would soon be nothing left of me.

What do you want,
When you gotta eat somethin',
And it's gotta be sweet,
And it's gotta be a lot,
And you gotta have it now?

What do you want?


Cracker Jack!

What do you get,
When you open the top,
And look inside,
And smack your lips,
And turn it over,
And spill it out?

What do you get?


Cracker Jack!

Candy-coated popcorn, peanuts, and a prize...
That's what you get in Cracker Jack!

Sometime you feel like nut,
Sometimes you don't,
Almond Joy's got nuts,
Mounds, don't,
Almond Joy's got real milk chocolate,
Coconut and munchy nuts, too,
Mounds got deep dark chocolate,
Chewy coconut, oooooh.
Sometimes you feel like a nut,
Sometimes you don't,
Peter Paul's Almond Joy's got nuts,
Peter Paul Mounds don't,
Sometimes you feel like a nut,
Sometimes you don't.

We're having Beefaroni,
It's made with macaroni,
Beefaroni's full of meat,
Beefaroni's really neat,
Beefaroni's fun to eat,
Hooray, for Beefaroni!

Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, taste great,
Wish we had some, can't wait!

Mmm -- mm good
Mmm -- mm good
That's what Campbell's Soups are
Mmm -- mm good.

Have a pizza, pizza, pizza roll,
Have a pizza, pizza, pizza roll,
Have a pizza, pizza, pizza roll,
Have a pizza, pizza, pizza roll,
(something, something) frozen appetizer was a dreadful bomb,
It was something you would sneak and drop into a potted palm,
Suddenly the Jeno Pizza Roll is here to save the day,
Appetizers now at last are edible that is why they say,
Have a pizza, pizza, pizza roll.

I hate Bosco,
Bosco's not for me,
My Mommy puts in my my milk
Just to poison me,
But I fool, Mommy,
I put it in her tea,
And now there's no more Mommy,
To try and poison me.


ally bean said...

This is fun.  I can sing:  Almond Joy, Campbell's Soup, Beefaroni, Nestles, Armour Hot Dogs, Doublemint, and Oscar Mayer.  The others I don't know at all. 

On a related note, the other day I saw the Oscar Mayer weinermobile in the grocery parking lot.  Snazzy looking ride.  

And on a less related note, do you remember Maypo?  And the little kid who yelled: "I want my Maypo."  It wasn't a jingle, but I still drove my parents crazy saying it all the time.  When I wasn't singing a jingle, of course.  

la peregrina said...

Yep, I remember Maypo.  My mother only bought it once because my siblings and I hated it. Yuk!
Most of the commercials for the products I list can be found on YouTube.  The best of the bunch is the Jeno's Pizza Rolls commercial.  Once you saw it you never forgot it as it was done by the great Stan Freberg.  It was a take-off on a Lark cigarette commercial in which a "Lark" truck drove around with a camera and a sign asking Lark smokers  to show their Lark cigarette packs which, of course, they did.

Original l Lark commercial: 

Freberg's Jeno's Pizza Rolls commercial:

la peregrina said...

Oh, and I can not believe you saw the Weinermobile!  It was my dream as a child to own one- and I am not talking about a toy Weinermobile but the real thing.  :)

Anonymous said...

We know these by heart.  I still remember "Hey, Mikey! He likes it!"

ally bean said...

Thanks, la p.  I'll check out the links.  

You're even more in awe of me now that I've laid eyes on the Weinermobile, aren't 'ya?   :)

la pergrina said...

Sorry, awe takes being in the Weinermobile and meeting Little Oscar. ;)


la pergrina said...

Oh, I changed the Lark commercial link as the one I first used was pulled.  It's the same commercial just a different link.