Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Men Allowed

Dr Pepper has come up with an advertising campaign for its new diet soda, Dr Pepper 10, that is causing quite a ruckus. Dr. Pepper 10 was created for the male consumer, a group Dr Pepper believes will not drink regular diet soda because they think it is too "girly."  Dr. Pepper has decided the only way to overcome this perceived prejudice is to market Dr. Pepper 10 as a manly, It's Not For Women, soda.

Some people believe this approach is sexist but this commercial reminds me a lot of the Old Spice advertisements which make fun of the fantasy man that women supposedly dream about every night.

If there is any stereotyping going on in commercials aimed at men, this stereotyping is directed right at them.  Below is a collection of commercials from last years Super Bowl. The first one includes a little boy acting like a little boy. The rest contain men acting childishly, immaturely, selfishly, irresponsible, and sometimes down right moronic.

Why aren't men outraged by this view of themselves?   Do they really see themselves as a bunch of idiots? Guys?

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