Thursday, April 12, 2012


This early Spring is kicking my butt and for the last few weeks I have been a physical mess. Tree pollen has caused me to develop allergy induced asthma. The extremes in temperatures (daytime highs fluctuating from 33F to 88F), humidity (anywhere from a high of 90% to a low of 7%), and winds (gusting up to 60 MPH on some days) is causing me to cycle through gushing nose bleeds and mind blowing migraines. On top of all this I have discovered that the medicine I am taking for my asthma is not working on my allergy symptoms like I was hoping it would so I am still walking around in an allergy induced haze. In short I am a half-awake, slow thinking, slow talking, slow walking, resident of Zombieland. Hopefully I will feel well enough to make a run for the border very, very soon.

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