Tuesday, May 01, 2012

You Have Comments

A blog friend informed me this morning that she has been unable to comment on my blog for a few weeks now. I am sure it started when my old commenting system ECHO decided to get rid of their system. They sent me an e-mail that said I had until October of 2012 to find a new system but evidently they lied. It looks more like they're going to just ignore their system and let it slowly or deliberately decay before that date. I have switched to DISQUS because DISQUS said they would be able to import all my comments (or at least the majority of them) to their site. Blogger cannot do this. Blogger does have about two years of my comments but I really want them all because, as my blog friend pointed out, a blog without comments is just a website.

Now, when I tried to import my comments from ECHO to DISQUS I got an error message and no comments. Thinking I had lost those comments I went to Blogger and had my Blogger comments imported to DISQUS. Then I wondered if no comments were imported from ECHO because of a mistake on my end and went back and tried it again. It worked, I think. I have comments now but also lots of duplicates on the most recent ones. What I don't have is any comments from posts written over two years ago.

What I cannot figure out right now is whether the duplicate comments are there because I imported from both ECHO and Blogger or if they were created when ECHO started screwing up. As for the missing comments, tomorrow I should get a better picture of just what is going on as DISQUS says it can take up to 24 hours for all comments to migrate to their site. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have created by ignoring this mess for so long. ECHO would let me and a few other people comment so I did not realize what was going on until today.

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