Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How I Know Winter Is On The Way

10.  My husband has moved the snow blower from the shed to the garage.

9.    He has winterized the lawn sprinklers.

8.   He has put away the 15ft garden hose and replaced it with a short 3ft one.  This is so he can continue to hose the dogs off after their morning walk without worrying about ice bursting the longer hose.

7.   He put the insulated panels in the basement  windows

6.   He turned off the air conditioner and  turned on the heat.

5.  We put away some of our summer lawn furniture and covered the other pieces.

4.  We had our first snowfall last Friday

3.  The temperature has dropped below freezing on some nights.

2.  I put the winter comforter on our bed.

And the number one reason why I know winter is on the way?  Christmas stuff has been sitting along side the Halloween decorations at Target and Lowe's since the beginning of October.  

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