Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New York, New York, It's A Helluva Of A Town..

The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down.
The people ride in a hole in the groun'.

-"New York, New York" from On The Town

"Fashion models wear a variety of hats on the roof of the Conde Nast Building against a view of the New York skyline, 1949."
Corbis/© Norman Parkinson Ltd/Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive

This beautiful view of the New York skyline includes the Chrysler Building at 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue right behind the woman in the red hat. The Chanin Building at 122 E. 42nd Street right next to it and behind the two women with their heads together.  The  New York Central Building (AKA Helmsley Building) at 230 Park Avenue, pointed to by the feather on the hat of the woman on the right. The Lincoln Building at  60 East 42nd Street behind and slightly to the right of the New York Central Building.  Grand Central Terminal down behind the New York Central Building.  The Mercantile Building at 10 E. 40th Street is to the right of the Lincoln Building and the Empire State Building at Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street right behind the Mercantile Building.  What great buildings and what a great photo.

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