Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Remember Back In 2009 When Donald Trump Was On The Cover Of Time Magazine?

Wait, he has never been on the cover of Time Magazine?  You mean it was fake news?  That explains everything.  Liars (Like Trump)  always assume everyone else is stupid so why wouldn't someone who lies (Like Trump)  create fake news ?   And why wouldn't someone (Like Trump) who cannot get the real press to believe his lies start calling real news, fake news?   And pathological liars (Like Trump) react badly when caught in a lie. They  (Like Trump) become defensive and try to pin the blame on someone else by coming up with (Like Trump)  another lie.

"President Trump called the Russian hack a "hoax" and then blamed it on Obama, on the same day!"

So, in an effort to help you understand our poor, poor,  misunderstood president,  here is a link to an article titled, HOW TO SPOT A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

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Mr. LaP. said...

... and that about sums it up...