Monday, April 07, 2003

October 15, 2001
Leon (cloudy/cool)

Went with B this morning to a English language bookstore that she knew about and bought a book. I spend most of the morning reading it. I also write letters and take a walk up to the Cathedral. In the afternoon I stay in my room and finish my book.

I've been thinking about how hard the last few days of walking have been and I think I have figured out why it was so difficult. Since leaving Burgos my mind has been thinking ahead to here, Leon. Before Burgos I went day by day. There was no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today either, just now. I have unconsciously been fighting this dream state I walk in. I have not been going with the flow. From now on I will not struggle against this "living dream" feeling I have. I will let go and let be. I will stay in the present and just be where I am, day by day. I will slide back into the river of dreams and go with the flow.

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