Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Here are a couple of more articles about Arie Taylor. One in the Rocky Mountain News and an editorial in the Denver Post. Both tell wonderful Arie Taylor stories.

I have been going to Gino's website once a day since I found out he died. Sort of the same way I would call my mother's phone number in order to hear her voice on the answering machine after she died. At first the last entry showing was dated October 13th, the last time he wrote anything. Each time he made an entry he would include a face icon next to the date to show what kind of day it had been. Then sometime last week a new entry was made. It was just the date he died, October 18th, and next to this date there was a sad face icon. Today I checked again and Ian has added a tribute to Gino telling us what kind of man he was and how his family will miss him.

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