Sunday, October 19, 2003

"There were siven Dimmycrats in Hinsdale County...ya et five of them..."

We have a guest blogger today, my 13 year old niece. She doesn't know she is blogging today but has been sending me e-mails all weekend and I would like to share them with you. It seems she has just found out about that Colorado anti-hero Alfred E. Packer and his deeds. She was so inspired by this story that she has been writing songs about it all weekend. Here are the e-mails she sent me.

First e-mail: Subject- It's me.

This is a true story. It happened in the 1800's anyway I wrote the lyrics myself! Tell me if you like it!

The Packer Bunch (to the tune of Brady bunch)

Here's the story of a guy named Packer

Who wanted to go up to Breckenridge

He brought along some men who were miners too

In hopes of finding gold

Here’s the story of their long journey

And how they got to an Indian camp

Then they decided to brave a blizzard

Of snow and ice and cold

Eventually they all got hungry

And there was only so much food to eat

So Packer killed them all and ate them up

And that’s the way that they became the Packer Bunch!

The end

Second e-mail:Subject-Song 2

The Trial

Packer: Please don't hang me, I'm not a bad man
Living with myself is hard to stand
It just was hard to live without food
and Humphries leg looked mighty good
I didn't kill them I'm not bad
It was Bell and now he's dead
I actually killed Bell, yes it's true
He was coming at me so I shot him good
Hit him right square in the head (taps head)
And wouldn't you know it now he's dead.

Jury: He doens't seem like such a bad guy
Packer: I'm not
Procecusion(interviening with new tune): He is!, he killed his fellow men
Are you going to let him kill again
Make sure he pays for murder
Jury(talking): Come to think of it, Youre right
Proc.: I'm right?
Jury: You're right
(Song picks up again to original tune)Judge our sentence is death penalty
We can not let this man run free
He could kill and eat our kids
Judge( speaking now): What do you say to that Packer
Packer: Aww ****!
Judge: You shall be hanged till your Dead! Dead! Dead!

Third e-mail: Subject-Songs part 3

Super Duper De do

Humphries: I’m hungry

Swan: I’m cold

Miller: I can’t believe we went through all this just to get some gold

(beat picks up)Packer: Don’t worry Don’t frown

Turn that sad face upside down

I’ll climb on top of the mountain

And everything ‘ll be Super Duper Dee do.

Miners: He’ll climb to the top of that hill

Packer: I’ll see how close we are to the next town

Miners(except swan who’s not moving) He’ll see how close we are

Packer: Now how is that for everybody

Humphries: That’s great

Noon: That’s good

Miller: That’s super

Miners: Super duper Dee Do

(Humphries nudges Swan beat continues awkwardly)

Noon: Swan this is you line. Swan?

(music comes to an abrupt halt)

Noon: He’s dead.

Packer: Well um okay lets wrap up this song and I’ll be on my way to the hill. Bell you can fill in for Swan. We were on Super Duper Dee Do. (music starts up again)

Bell: That’s sure a great solution. It’s Super Duper Dee do!

Miners: Super Duper Dee do!

Packer (not singing): Now don’t go eating each other while I’m gone. Ya hear?

(every one laughs even though it’s not meant as a joke)

Thank You

Packer: Snow is falling steadily

Miners: We can’t find a warm place to sleep

Chief Ouray (talking): You sleep here.

Humphries: Thank (barbershop quartet)

Noon: Thank

Miller: Thank

All miners: You (beat picks up)

Packer :( spirit fingers) we just want to thank you

Bell: For the hospitality

Miners: Dum dum dum

Packer: We just want to thank you

Noon: For letting us stay

Miners: Dum Dum Dum

Packer: We just want to thank you

Humphries: For every thing

Miners: Woo

Packer: Anyway we’d just like to say

Thank you, thank you every day.

Chief Ouray: You stop sing or I have squaw slit throats.

Packer: Geez some ones a negative Nancy!

To my niece:
Thank you, sweetie, you are very talented.

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