Monday, November 17, 2003

Isn't Romantic?

Love, love will keep us together
-The Captain and Tennille

In early Fall of the year we got married my husband and I went camping up in the Routt National Forest in northern Colorado. I remember how beautiful a day it was, with a clear sky of metallic baby blue, no clouds, and warm, but with a crispness to the air. After we reached the border of the park we drove for about another 45 minutes over winding dirt roads to a trail head, parked, and started walking.

After walking about six miles we found a camp site and set up our tent, spread out our sleeping bags, and then collected wood to start a fire. While my husband got the fire started I wandered a little away and stood watching him. As I stood there I glanced around at the pine trees, the sky, and the mountains in the distance. God, it was beautiful and I realized one of the reasons it was so beautiful is because it was so quiet. The only sounds were the wind and creaking of the branches as the wind slipped though the trees. Then it struck me that we were miles and miles away from any other living person right then.

That thought made me smile and I looked at my husband as he stood up from the fire and started walking over to him. When I reached him I leaned into his body, put my arms around him, gazed up at his face and said, "You know, we are so all alone here we can do anything we want."
He had put his arms around me when I leaned in to him and after I said this he looked confused for a second and then his face lit up and he said excitedly, "I know! Let's plot the overthrow of the government!"

Moral of Story: Never expect a man with a college degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Physics to think romantically.

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