Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Random Thoughts

I got a flu shot this morning. I hope it works.

I am reading The Mercury Thirteen:The Untold Story of Thirteen American Women And The Dream Of Space Flight. Back in the early sixties thirteen women were picked to train as astronauts and all did as well or better than the men. The program was aborted when Vice President Lyndon Johnson wrote across a report about their training, "Lets Stop This Now!" Which is why you have not heard of them until today.

If you look on the sidebar between the Haloscan and the Blogger button you will see a tiny circular button the represents Blogger Forum, a website for bloggers using Blogspot. You may want to check it out.

I still have not received a reply from Taco John's about the e-mail I sent them. I guess I can quit holding my breath.

Living in a small town is interesting. The first thing I learned when I moved here is not to badmouth anyone in town to anyone else from town. Since everyone seems to be related to everyone else by blood or marriage it only gets you in trouble. The town has what they call a "river walk," a mile long trail along side a creek that runs through town. It a great place to walk, jog, or take your dogs for a run.

The trail crosses private lands with the permission of the land owners and has been there since before my husband and I moved here nine years ago. One of the land owners maintains the trail from end to end and people enjoy and appreciate having it there. Now things have changed. The owner of one piece of land died and the land passed onto his son. Now, the son has a lot of animosity toward his family and the people of the town. In fact it is so bad, he dropped his family name and moved away years ago. His feelings have not changed about his family or the town and when he inherited the land he had no trespassing signs put up at either end of the trail where it cuts through his property. That did not keep people from using the trail so this week he had a barbed wire spite fence erected. I was dismayed when I saw it and then felt pity for the man. You have to feel mighty unloved and bitter to do something like that.

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