Monday, December 08, 2003

Random Thoughts

I have been on a new diet, well, not a diet but I have made some changes in what I eat. I was tired of feeling listless and groggy in the morning so I decided to see if it had anything to do with what I was eating. For two weeks I ate nothing but meat (chicken, beef, fish), salads, and certain kinds of vegetables. No carbs, sugars, caffeine, or grains. After a week I woke up in the morning feeling awake and rested. I also notice I no longer felt like my mind was racing all the time. After the two weeks were up I slowly added other foods back in one at a time. I found I am intolerant of wheat (no more breads,pasta, or cereals) certain carbs like white potatoes, sweet potatoes (yams), and peas. I am also lactose intolerant but have a hard time not drinking milk in the winter because I love hot cocoa. I have tried replacement milks like lactose-free milk (yuck, taste like condensed milk) and soy milk(yuck, taste like yuck) in cereal but not in cocoa. So last week I tried hot cocoa made with soy milk. Not bad, it gave the cocoa a malted chocolate taste. I think if I add a little peppermint schnapps to it, it will be even better.

Last week I took Emma to the Vet for her wound check and to have her hips X-rayed to see if she has hip dysplasia This is something that may show up in Brittanies around the age of two and Emma is close enough to that age to have her hips checked. She is fine and the x-rays will be used as a base line if there are any problems in the future. Dogs have to be sedated in order for the X-rays to be taken and when we got back home she was still a little doped up. Her pupils looked like basketballs. After a nap she woke up hungry and I fed her but she was still hungry so I gave her more food. She ate that up and came to me begging for more with an urgently I had never see before. That's when I realize she was suffering from the drug munchies. My poor little dog was a stoner dude. Far out!

Last night I watched the first part of "Angels In America" , the film version of the Pulitzer Prize winning play. Magical. I have been wanting to see the play for ten years and I signed up for HBO (movie channel) this month just so I could see it. Part two is next Sunday.

At customers can write reviews on the book, movies, and CD's that Amazon sell. Sometimes I read the reviews and sometimes I don't. I was looking for a Christmas present for my niece last week and found a "....For Dummies" book about The Lord of the Rings called, The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-earth For Dummies. There is one review by misterb1020. I read it and thought, "Is this person nuts?", then I went and looked at all the reviews misterb1020 had written and saw that he was goofing on people. All of his reviews were tongue in cheek. In a review about a 5-disc DVD player he gave the product a bad review because he was disappointed by the fact that you could only watch one movie at a time. Three out of 63 people found his review helpful. That means 60 people were annoyed by his review so badly they took the time to click the not-helpful button. Good job misterb1020!

Added caminolinks to my Camino Links. Caminolinks is a site out of the UK that lists Camino pages that are in English. Has a good "tips for the trip" page, too.

I am thinking of getting rid of the Enetation comments because I am very happy with how Haloscan is doing. At first I was hesitant about doing this because I will lose all the comments that are there. Then I thought comments are really like conversations and not all conversations should or would be "saved" forever, even if they could be, so why should comments on blogs be saved forever? What do you think about it?

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