Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Random Thoughts

- Hi. Did you miss me?

- As some of you guessed, e, I went to Denver for the weekend. Always good to go home. Sunday my niece and I drove to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on S. Colorado Blvd. and hung out there for a bit. Then, since we were almost in the neighborhood, we drove to a couple of metaphysical bookstores on E. Colfax Avenue. One bookstore wasn't open yet so my niece asked if we could cruise Colfax while we were waiting. We started just east of Colorado Blvd and drove down to the state capital building and then turned around.

This part of Colfax is in the Capital Hill section of Denver and is a mixture of low rent and funky. This is were I grew up and this is where my niece will be going to high school next year. As we drove by East High my niece told me she couldn't wait to go there but she was disappointed that she would not be able to leave campus for lunch during her first year. Good. I never liked the idea of allowing fourteen year olds to run around off campus at lunch. She also informed me that she wanted to live in Capital Hill when she was old enough. I don't blame her, it's the kind of neighborhood that attracts the artistic-hippy-goth-punk-bohemian-outside the box type personality and my niece leans towards that type.

- McDonald's is promoting their Chicken McNuggets with the phrase, "now, all white meat." Oh God, what was in them before?

-I watched the Golden Globes Sunday night and looking at so many surgically remade faces gave me the creeps. Some of those women's faces look like a Barbie doll face with the texture and hardness of plastic. They looked like walking airbrushed photos of themselves.

- I found this website on Blogger Fourm (button above Blogger button at the bottom of my sidebar) that they say "will give you a visualization of your "neighborhood" --that is, a map of sites Google considers similar to your site." I would like anyone out there who is more computer savvy than me to check this out and then explain how it works. All it seems to show is the blogs that I am linked to and the blogs that those blogs are linked to. Am I missing something?

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