Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Home Again Home Again Jiggity-jig

Went to Denver Friday for a long weekend and came home yesterday exhausted. One of the reasons for it was that I got up at 0430 to take my sister to the airport and then drove home.

Still to tired to write much but I thought I would amuse you today with this tidbit. While in Denver I picked up a copy of Cyndi Lauper's reissued debut album, She's Unusual and had it blasting out of the CD player most of the drive home. You know how there are some songs that you like just because you like the music so you kind of half-listen to the lyrics? Well, yesterday I finally listened the lyrics to She Bop. Until yesterday the meaning of the lyrics zoomed by me like a 747- way over my head. How could I be so naive?

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