Saturday, March 20, 2004

Its The First Day Of Spring Today

When Spring Appears

give lusty cheers
when spring appears
when spring appears.

Buds and seeds
prick up their ears
and blades of grass
show eager spears.

And only icicles
weep tears
when spring appears
when spring appears

-Aileen Fisher

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.
-Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885)

Spring is] when life's alive in everything.
-Christina Rossetti (1830 - 1894)

A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.
-Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886), No. 1333

Spring has sprung. We're free at last, people. Free at last. Thank you mother nature, we're free. Time to toss open that metaphysical window and check out that psychic landscape. See lots of possibilities budding out there. Time to hoe those rows, feed that seed. Pretty soon you get a garden.
Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, Northern Exposure

(Photo, Lilacs, taken by me)

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