Friday, March 19, 2004

Random Thoughts

-I have now watched three episodes of Mad Mad House and I am not sure why I am still watching it. I keep waiting for "something" to happen. Although I must say I was glad to see Kelly get voted off last week. She was the one who described herself as Catholic and a "good girl." Well, she turned out to be Mrs Crabtree the school bus driver from South Park; the kind of person who lashes out at you when you innocently say hello.

- I went to the Metaphysical Fair while in Denver last weekend and stopped by the "do your own reading" room to check out the tarot decks they had put out. I did a reading with a wonderful new deck call Oscho Zen Tarot Cards and was blown away by the beauty of the deck and the reading. It is not like a regular tarot deck but gives you more spiritual and intuitive answers. My sister bought me the deck and book for an early birthday present.

-Spring arrived last week bringing with it Red-wing Blackbirds, Juncos, Sandhill Cranes flying overhead, new green grass, daffodil shoots, and temperatures in the 70sF/20'sC. This week we have leaped over Spring and into Summer. The temperature is now at 90.3F/32.4C. This could be a long hot spring/summer.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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