Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You Can Try To Take The Dog Out Of The Dog Or You Can Accept Reality

My dog Emma is a digger, just loves to dig holes. When I catch her at it she is always digging with great glee. I thought I had broken her of the habit but for about a week now she has been digging holes again. When I catch her at it I yell at her, call her a bad dog, and fill the hole in.

This morning when I got up and looked outside I found another hole and asked my husband what we could do about Emma's behavior, she was digging holes all over the yard. My husband said the reason she is digging is to create a cool spot where she can lie down and be comfortable in the heat of the day. Hearing that made me understand that Emma is just being a dog and my trying to stop her was unrealistic. I asked my husband to go out and start a hole next to the lilac bush by the back wall for her. Later when we looked out the kitchen window we could see Emma lying in the hole nosing the freshly dug dirt, happy as a...well, a dog in a hole.

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