Saturday, April 17, 2004

Taking Apart Bush's Speech

I'm still thinking about Bush's speech and trying to figure out why is it was so disturbing to me. The fact that it wasn't a press conference but a campaign speech? The man did not answer a single question put to him. He did talk around whatever he was asked but he never answered the questions.

Was is because he keep insisting that he did not know that terrorist were going to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center? Every time he said that I though why? What was he not saying? That they did know terrorists were planning to hijack aircraft but did nothing to make it harder for such a thing to happen because they did not expect them to fly the planes into building?

Was it because the man used the word "historic" three times?

-"A secure and free Iraq is an historic opportunity to change the world and make American more secure."

-"I also know that there's an historic opportunity here to change the world."

-"Now is the time to make sure that the American people understand the stakes and the historic significance of what we are doing."

Notice he used the phrase "historic opportunity to change the world" twice. Is this a man who wants to leave his mark on the world? A man who wants to go down in history as someone who changed the world?

Well, William Saletan hits the nail on the head about Bush's use of words.

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