Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Chainbloging: "colour tone and hue"

Chainbloging started over at Dave's and we thank him.

I love black and white photography. It speaks to me in a way that color photography does not. Now, I am not saying that I don't like color photography, just that black and white touches me in a different way. My brain sees a black and white photo differently than it does a color one.

Color photos explode in my face and take my breath away, color photos demand to be looked at, color photos vibrate. Color photos make me take a mental step back as I look at them. When I look at a color photo some of the colors looks as if I touched them my fingers, well, my fingers would sink into photo and then come away dripping that color off the tips.

Black and white photos are different. Black and white photos are soothing, black and white photos draw me in, black and white photos whisper. Black and white photos make me take a mental step closer to examine them carefully. With a black and white photo my brain can see deeper because is not distracted by the colors the way it is with a color photo.

For me, if color photography was music it would be Rock And Roll and black and white photography would be Classical. Neither one better that the other just different.

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