Thursday, September 23, 2004

Show Us Your Skyline

Got this idea from Stu Savory's Blog by way of Easy Bake Coven. Stu is trying to start a new blog meme and is asking everyone to put a photo of the skyline in their neck of the woods on their blog. After you have posted drop Stu a line and he will link to you.

My view was taken on top of the hill were the town cemetery is located. The tallest thing in the photo (left of center) is the water tower. The water tower is right across the street from the high school. A couple of years ago the town had the water tower repainted. There are several companies that do water tower painting and each one of them uses a certain color for the roofs of the towers they paint. The company the town officials pick to do the repainting uses the color red. Now our high school's colors are green and white. Red is one of the school colors of our school's arch rival. When the tower was finished and people looked up and saw that new red roof they went ballistic. Why it was an insult- to the school, the football team, the students, and the town. So the town officials quickly called around until they found someone who could repaint the roof. He climbed up the tower and repainted the roof green. The roof is not the same shade of green as the high school's green but that seems to be alright with the town. They are just happy the roof is no longer red.

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