Sunday, October 31, 2004

Doggie Update

Laughter is the best medicine.

Emma is doing great. The swelling has gone down and we can put her collar back on her. Her throat is still saggy but all the edema lumps have gone. She can bark again (something I did not notice she could not do until she started again three days ago) and is playing big time with her cousins. I can't believe a week ago we were afraid we might loose her.

On the cousin side, my husband sent the following message to our niece.

Subject: report from Kamp Kansas

Just a quick doggie report:
The coyote bait (a.k.a. "Paris" and "Hilton") are still with us. They have been on so many long walks that there are just bloody stumps where their feet used to be. They saw their first cow today. Paris's eyes got as big as softballs and she started shaking, for she had never seen such a big dog. Hilton of course wanted to attack immediately. I got them calmed down, so they are now O.K. with cows. They were completely befuddled when encountering a large weed in the path, but now know how to go around or over. They are, however, a little embarrassed about getting beat up by the jackrabbit. Enough for today. Uncle "Bob"

My niece sent this message in reply.

Thats very funny. Paris is a little wimp.

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