Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Grain Elevators

This is a photo of the grain elevators at the CO-OP on the edge of town.

And why am I showing you this?

So I can tell you this. These elevators hold up to 1,340,000 bushels of grain and right now they are almost full. Two of the biggest problems with storing grain are mold and insects. To keep both from developing the grain has to be dried, this is done by cooling the grain. The grain is cooled by using large fans that draw outside air into the elevators and through the grain. Once the elevators reach the correct temperatures the fans shut down. This should be happening at any time now.

And why am I telling you this?

So I can also tell you this. These fans sound like vacuum cleaners without the high pitched squeak. They are also loud. These fans are so loud that I can hear the rumble and hum of them in my house even with the doors and windows closed. At night the noise reverberates though out the house.

And why am I telling you this?

So I can tell you this story. When my father was in the Navy on one ship he worked in the engine room. He slept in a bunk that was connected to the wall that was on the other side of the engines. When he got in bed the noise made the bunk vibrate. He said at first he could not sleep because of the thumping of the engines but after awhile he managed to sleep through the noise. Then one day when he was sleeping he found himself sitting straight up in bed with his heart pounding and fear racing through is veins. He sat there wondering what the hell was wrong. Then he realized it was dead quiet, the engines had stopped.

And why am I telling you this?

So I can tell you this. The fans have been running since the middle of October. I have reached the not hearing the noise stage and am worried the fans will stop in the middle of the night.

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