Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm Your Puppet

I can't believe I am going to write the following sentence. I forgot to blog yesterday. Who would of thought? So, to make up, a short post today.

I watched GW's press conference with Tony Blair yesterday and was amazed when Blair ended it with this statement:

..."we're not fighting the war against terrorism because we are an ally of the United States; we are an ally of the United States because we believe in fighting this war against terrorism. We share the same objectives. We share the same values. And we look back over our own history in the last half century or more, we -- both of us in different ways, the United States and Britain, have a cause to be thankful for this alliance and this partnership, and I should -- we -- I believe we should be thankful that it is as strong as it is today. And as long as I remain prime minister of our country, it will carry on being strong, not because that's in the interests of America simply or in the interests of the international community, but because I believe passionately it is in the interests of Britain."

You then heard Bush say, "Good job."
Blair turned toward him beaming, shook his hand and said, "Thank you."

I bet that went over big in Britain.

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