Thursday, December 30, 2004

Travel Notes 2

It is 12:30 AM as I type this. I was asleep but the sound of firecrackers exploding has awaken me. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and the Dutch celebrate it by shooting off fireworks. The younger Dutch celebrate by shooting off fireworks as soon as they can get out of the house. This round of firecrackers sounds like the work of one person or group of people. I am sure tomorrow night will be louder.

Speaking of Amsterdam, which I wasn't, I like this town. But since I am a fan of big cities that is not surprising. Since I got here I have been to the town center, visited the Amersterdam Historical Museum, perused the books at Waterstone's English Bookstore, walked my sister's dog about five different times around the neighborhood she lives in, seen two movies, gone to a Christmas party at my sister's language teacher's apartment, met my brother-in-law's family, gone out to dinner with my sister, brother-in-law and his three children, played two games of Skip-Bo with the children, and read numerous magazines in bed because my sleep cycle is still so out of wack.

I have just finished re-reading the above paragraph and see I have the writing nuggets for my next several blog entries. Keep checking back. If I don't see you tomorrow, Happy New Year to you all and may this new year turn out to be the one you did not know you've been waiting for.

(the time stamp is going to read 6:25PM but it is really past 2:00AM)

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