Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Iraqi Girl Loses Parents In Checkpoint Shooting

-Denver Post Headline January 19, 2005

The quality of the photo is not that good but those red splotches on the little girl are blood splashes. United States Marines opened fire on the car carrying the little girl, her four siblings, and her parents. All the children were sitting in the backseat and survived the shooting. The Marines fired on the car because the father failed to stop at the checkpoint they were manning. In an instant two people dead and five children orphaned.

There are people who would say the Marines were just doing their job. That they were in a dangerous situation. That they have to shoot and ask question later. That the man killed was crazy to try and speed though a military checkpoint with his family in the car. But...the question I have is why? Why did the man attempt to run the roadblock? Why did he decide that stopping was more dangerous than not stopping?

I am sick of this. I am sick of George Bush. I am sick of Donald Rumsfeld. I am sick of Condoleezza Rice. We have been lied to from the beginning. We were told we were going to war to uncover "weapons of mass destruction", to free a terrified people, to bring the wonderful gift of democracy, to give the Iraqi a better life. None of this has happened. We are suppose to be the good guys but as the above picture shows we are not. We are "killer angels" bringing death and destruction with us where ever we go.

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