Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Travel Notes 6

I guess it is good that I am going home on Monday. Things are getting down right mean at home. I have received these two messages from my husband about our dogs since Sunday :

Sunday, Jan 2nd
Yesterday "Emma" was being a little butthead out hunting, so I left her in her crate at one place while just "Kate" and I went.  Emma was crying and yipping in her crate.  Even Kate got tired of her.  Then I shot a pheasant and Kate picked it up, but wouldn't bring it to me.  Instead she ran back to the truck and up the ramp and sat holding it in front of Emma's crate.  Emma went nuts.  Then Kate took it into her crate and lied down with it. The next field Emma did much better. Love,...

Monday, Jan 3rd
Just to let you know that Kate has a new joy in life --- tormenting Emma.    She had so much fun teasing her with the pheasant that she has discovered a way to torment Emma with a Greenie.
(A Greenie is a healthly dog treat that my dogs love more than almost anything else to eat).  Kate gets her Greenie along with Emma, as you know, but Kate just sits with hers as Emma devours hers.  When Emma is done Kate sits holding her Greenie in front of Emma and acts like she just got a second one.  Emma barks and goes nuts.  Kate is happy since I won't give Emma another Greenie and really enjoys slowly eating hers in front of Emma.  I need you home soon to help with all this. 

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