Friday, January 07, 2005

Travel Notes 7

Yesterday was a very productive day. We went to the Anne Frank house and did not go in. We went to the Nieuwe Kerk for the Morroco exhibit and did not go in. Then we went to a gallery that was showing glamor photos of Hollywood movie stars and did not go in. One of the reasons we passed on all these places was because it was a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine- watery sunshine and cloud streaked skies but better than gray skies and rain. Being inside on a day like that seemed wrong.

There were other reasons we did not go inside at any of these stops. At Anne Frank's house the line was long but moved fast and the closer we got to the entrance the more uncomfortable I felt. We bailed out of the line right inside the doorway. As we walked away I felt a great sense of relief. The sadness of the place got to me. At the Nieuwe Kerk the line was just too long and when we got to the gallery it was not open. But we did have a good time walking around.

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