Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Getting Off The Grid

In December my husband started talking about getting off the grid. By this he meant getting rid of the phone, the TV satellite, the computer, the credit cards, and the newspapers. We would keep our e-mail addresses and use the computer at the library. We would stay connected to people through e-mail and snail mail. We would have the radio for news. We would pay for everything by cash or check.


I pointed out that he could not even stop watching the television every day so how was he going to live without the other things on his list of things to get rid of? He said he didn't need to watch TV and that we could have it disconnected at the end of December. I said OK. A few days later he came back and said he was wrong it couldn't be disconnected until the end of January because the football playoff games were in January. I said OK. At the end of January I said I was looking forward to not having a television starting in February. A few days later he said the television would not be disconnected until the end of February because the Super Bowl was at the beginning of February. I smiled and said Ok.

Earlier this week my sister called and asked if I was coming to Denver this weekend. I said yes. She then asked if my husband wanted to come since they were having a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I ask him and he said yes. Yesterday my husband told me that since we were going to Denver for the Super Bowl we didn't need the satellite hook-up anymore and he was thinking of calling and having it disconnected right away. I said OK. Today he told me the satellite will be disconnected tomorrow.

We have now unplugged one thing from the grid. That is as far as I am willing to go.

Update: I guess the satellite is going just in time. I just spend five minutes watching Juggling Championship 2004 on ESPN and I am ashamed to report that I now know what a single, a double, and a triple mean.

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