Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Angel Story

do you believe, like I believe?
-The Loving Spoonful

Do to the overwhelming response to yesterday's post I am forced to tell the story about my seeing an angel sooner than I anticipated. (Sigh) My readers are so demanding.

Fifteen years ago this month my husband and I moved to Tampa, Florida. One day, soon after we arrived, we where sitting at a picnic table outside a fast food restaurant eating burgers. As we sat there I looked up at a large white and gray cumulus cloud that had formed in the sky about 2,000 feet above us and saw a large bird with outstretched wings soaring up across the face of it. I then noticed that all I could really see of the bird were the wings. No body, just wings. The wings were grey-tan in color and beautifully formed. They were wide across the top and tapered down to a point at the bottom. For a moment I wondered why I could see them so clearly at that distance; I could almost define each individual feather. I also wondered how this bird could soar straight up in the air like it was doing because other birds I had seen moving upward like that had done so in large lazy circular motion. The bird continued soaring straight up the face of the cloud for another 10 seconds and then disappeared into it.

I would not have given this another thought or even remembered it if what happened next had not happened. As I turned my attention back to my burger one of the seagulls hanging around waiting to get any bits bread and french fries we might drop on the ground took flight and wheeled around in the air about fifteen feet above us. As I looked up at it I realized that the "bird" I had see at 2,000 feet was about the same size as the gull that was now circling above me. This was impossible. For a bird that high in the sky to look the same size as a bird only 15 feet above me, well, it would have to be huge. Then I understood, it must have been an angel.

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