Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Back from a long weekend in Denver and coming "home" is getting harder and harder. When we turned off the highway and onto the side road that leads to the town I said to my husband, "I hate this town."
It happens every time I come back from a trip. The smallness of the town and it's people gets deeper and deeper under my skin with each return.

My mother grew up in Manhattan (New York City) and after almost 25 years of living in Denver when asked where she was from she would reply, "I live in Denver but my home is New York."
I realize that after almost 11 years of living here my answer to the same question is, "I live in Kansas but I'm from Denver."

My heart is not here and it never has been, so starting tonight I will end each day and start each morning with the thought, "In a year we will be gone from here."
This is just to get the ball rolling. The where and how I'll figure out later.

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