Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Small Town Life

A couple of weeks ago a farmer in the county south of us found the skeletal remains of a body in one of his fields. When the sheriff got there he looked at it and then called the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to send someone out. The man they were sending could not be there until the next day so the sheriff and his deputies examined the area and flagged all the evidence they could find. Then the sheriff left one deputy out there all night to protect the scene. The whole thing wasn't that urgent since they were fairly certain it was the body of a local man who went missing after a domestic dispute 16 months ago.

Now, I read about this a few days later in the local paper and the thing that flabbergasted me was the this quote by the Sheriff, "There was so much traffic out there we had to have the county department block the entrance. Some curious farmers would drive around our vehicles."

Some curious farmers would drive around our vehicles. Don't any of these people watch CSI?

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