Thursday, May 12, 2005

Small Town Life

While running the dogs south of town this morning my husband came across the remains of a Ford Escape which had been driven into a telephone pole. The front end of the vehicle had been smashed in and windshield shattered. I don't know how fast it had been going at the time of the accident but the pole it hit snapped into two pieces on impact. This is the story my husband told me when he got back home.

A little while ago a family from Colorado moved into town and bought some land right near the highway. On that land they placed a trailer home. Since a trailer home is the worst place to stay during a tornado the father told his daughter that any time she saw a tornado coming she was to get as far way from the trailer as possible. So last night when we were under a Tornado Watch the daughter, who was home along, panicked, raced outside, jumped into the family Ford and starting driving south away from her home. She drove so fast she lost control of the car on a curve and crashed into the telephone pole. She was not hurt too badly because she able to walk to a farmhouse not far away and get help. Here is the kicker- the girl who was driving the SUV is about ten or eleven years old.

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