Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Three Sheets To The Wind

Got back from a weekend in Denver last night and still catching up on things here at home. My sister had a house warming party Sunday and we spent Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday getting everything ready for it. We put rock down in some areas that had dirt showing and large cedar chips in other areas under the pine trees. My brother-in-law set up a horseshoe pit and mowed the lawn. I laid out a croquet game for the children. We set chairs out on the patio and my husband put up the pool cue holder next to the new pool table in the family room. The party started at 300PM and the last person did not go home until midnight. About 50 people were in and out of the house during that time period. One child cried when it was time for him to go home, he just didn't want to leave because he was having so much fun.

I did a little drinking and paid for it yesterday. I was not hung over just very tired. I am not bragging but I've never had a hang over in my life and I think it is because my body consumes the alcohol as I sleep. As usual I woke up in the middle of the night burning up with a fever and covered in a sheen of perspiration but by morning I was feeling find.

Driving home was not fun since the wind was blowing hard and I had to pull the steering wheel a little to the right to keep the car heading straight. That wind was blowing today but I welcomed it because I did laundry and then hung it all on the line to dry. I love hanging laundry on the line. Nothing is more satisfying that to look out and see a line of sheets snapping in the wind. Line dried sheets have a wonderful smell too. Its the smell of sunshine and fresh air. I am looking forward to sleeping on those same sheets tonight.

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