Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bed Saga

We got our new mattress last night....I slept on the couch.

This all began when my husband started waking-up with back pain a few weeks ago. Since he has back problems this was not good so he tried a couple of things to see if he could cure it. First he tried sleeping with a pillow between his legs and that helped some. Next he tried a new pillow for his head and that helped some too but did not keep him from waking-up feeling achy each morning. We knew the next step was a different mattress.

We drove to Denver and went to the Denver Mattress Co. where we had bought our current bed to test a Tempur-Pedic Visco Memory Foam type bed. That kind of mattress reacts to temperature and at first felt too firm for me but after 15 minutes was very comfortable. My husband really found it comfortable and supportive so we decided to buy it.

Last night we got our new mattress home and later when I crawled into our new bed I was surprised to find out it felt as hard as a brick and very cold. What I had forgotten is that the bed is temperature sensitive. Denver Mattress makes their beds when you order them and our mattress had been sitting in a unheated warehouse since Tuesday. It then was put on the back of a friend's flatbed truck for the drive to our house. Which is why I ended up on the couch.

This morning I felt the bed and it is a bit softer but still cold. I noticed that the side of the bed my husband slept on was softer that my unslept on side so I aimed a small heater at that side of the bed hoping that this will warm it up quicker. My husband also reminded me that it takes about a week to get used to a new bed.

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