Sunday, February 19, 2006

What's Going On With What's My Line?

(I decided my husband should tell this story himself so he is my guest blogger today.)

We're fans of the old ('50's-'60's) game shows. I record them late at night to watch the next day. The recent What's My Line? had a veterinarian from Akron, Colorado which is on the eastern plains. The interesting thing (at the time) was that this vet was a woman. The show was aired in 1962 and we wondered if she was still around. I found several names matching her last name using an internet phone directory (Anywho). I called and I got ahold of her niece. She was really glad that to hear that I had recorded her aunt and very much wanted a tape copy of the show. She told me her aunt was still practicing in Denver and gave me her number. When I called she was stunned to hear that I saw a re-airing of this show, much less had a copy to mail to her. She was quite grateful since the only thing she had from that show was an old 45 record of the audio portion. The best part is that I've been looking for an experienced vet in Denver since we're there with our dogs from time to time. Now I've got one! You just never know where things will lead.

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