Thursday, March 30, 2006

Emma Sightings (part one)

One of the reasons I went to Denver St. Patrick's Day weekend was to attend the Metaphysical Fair at the Merchandise Mart. Three things were interesting this year. First, more and more "normal" people and less and less "dark" people were cruising the aisles. I don't think I saw one person who looked like she or he had arrived fresh from a Black Sabbath concert. Instead the people I noticed looked like the kind of people who did most of their shopping at Park Meadows Mall. The second interesting thing is that I got my chakras balanced. The third is that my dog Emma showed up there.

The first thing my sister and I did when we arrived was to sign up for a reading with our Spiritual Adviser. Since we like to schedule our readings one right after the other we did not find two consecutive spots open until late afternoon. While we waited we cruised the aisles ourselves but managed to keep from buying all the things that caught our eye. Everything from books, jewelry, CD's, metaphysical workshops and lectures, clothes, teas, incense, doodads, crystals, oils, candles, soaps, and artwork were available. There were a few free things going on and my sister and I got in the line for chakra balancing. The line was long even with four chairs set up and four people working.

When it was my turn I sat in the next open chair while a very gentle women attempted to balance my chakras. As she worked she talked to me. She seemed to be confused by the condition my first three chakras were in but then said, "Oh, I see, you are very tired."

And the second I heard her words I knew she was correct. I was tired but not so much in a physical way but more in a soul way. Then she reached my heart chakra and said, "Your heart is scarred."

I felt my insides collapse as an overwhelming feeling of sadness engulf me. I knew the words she was speaking were the truth; I was heart scarred. How, with the life path I was on, could this not be true at this point in my life?

As she worked her way through balancing my chakras I knew that my sitting in her chair was not an accident. There are moments in your life when you make a profound connection with a complete stranger and I knew this was one of those moments. As she talked to me about things that were the true about myself but that I thought no one else could see, I knew that my being there with her was a gift given to me (By who? Me, my angels, my guides?) to help move me to the next step in my spiritual journey through life.

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