Friday, April 07, 2006

And Another Week Gets By Me

Blogging has been the last thing on my mind with the weather being the way it was most of the week. It has been gorgeous. I have spent most of my time outside enjoying it. Last night I was awakened several times by the sound of wind-driven rain and ice pellets forcefully hitting my bedroom windows. All morning there was a steady downpour of water that cycled through rain, rain/snow, snow, snow/rain, ice pellets, ice pellets/rain, rain/snow, and then back to rain. Everything that came down did so sideways. Winds were about 30MPH with gusts up to 60MPH.

My husband and I stayed inside most of the morning while all the birds that knew about our birdfeeders stayed in our yard eating all the sunflower seeds they could in an effort to keep warm. We had to fill the feeders twice. Not only were the birds coming to feed but once when I looked out of the window I saw a squirrel in the pan feeder. Another time I saw a rabbit eating some of the seeds I had spread on the ground. Tomorrow everything goes back to "normal" with temperatures in the 60's and sunny skies predicted. Hopefully, I will be back Monday.

(The above photo is not that very good because I took it though window glass while standing on an unstable chair. There are about 25 Finches in this picture. There were another 25 birds on the ground. The birds that showed up at the feeders today were mostly Finches ( Gold and House) but I also saw Grackles, Ringneck Doves, House Sparrows, and Song Sparrows.)

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