Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The aura is a rumour
of thunder in the distance,
building into a storm
that rattles the shutters
and the beads of the chandelier
before punching a hole
in the load bearing wall.

The tap of construction
through the double-glazed windows
splinters your skull.
A forty-watt bulb blazes
like an eclipse on your retina
-part of Evelyn Lau's poem, Migraine

I've had two migraines since Sunday. I have been careful to stay away from nuts I so decided to search for a list of other foods that may cause migraines and found this list of triggers on the net:

* peanuts and peanut butter
* caffeine in all products, not just coffee
* dairy products
* yeast
* some beans (which includes peanut), as well as broad, lima, Italian, lentil, soy, peas
* avocados
* dried meats
* sauerkraut
* pickled herrings
* canned soups and packet soup mixes
* chicken livers
* ripe banana
* soya products as well as the bean itself
* sodium nitrate, which is used to preserve hot dogs, bacon and cured meats
* the preservative benzoic acid and its associated compounds
* MSG, common name for monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer which is now in almost universal use in almost all processed foods
* nuts
* sourdough breads
* cheeses which have been aged, i.e. cheddar
* red wines, beer, champagne, vermouth
* chocolate
* anchovies

Let's see, in the last week I have had caffeine, milk, avocados, sodium nitrate (bacon & bologna), cheese (cheddar), chocolate, beer, wine, and canned soup. The problem may be either the bacon (Which I ate because I had not eaten any in such a long time and I could not remember why I hadn't. It's because I don't like it.), bologna (Another food I forgot I don't really like.), or the cheddar cheese (When I picked that up at the store I ignored a strong urge to put it back).

I decided that the only way to find out which is the "bad" food for me is to eat one problem food a day. What will not be on my food list is bologna and bacon. I can live without them and the fact that they have sodium nitrate in them is reason enough not to eat them.

Since I really like avocados and would be very upset if I could no longer eat them I decide to try them first. I ate half an avocado with my lunch and am feeling fine. Tomorrow I will eat some cheddar cheese and cross my fingers.

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