Thursday, April 27, 2006

Odds And Ends

1. Duke is still doing great.

2. The horse is buried.

3. The bird is back.

4. Why you should never get as drunk as hell. There might be somebody with a camera.

5. Trophy wife- The term is often used to imply that for the man, it is a form of display intended to exhibit their wealth and success to others. However, this term is seen by some as misandrist, as it is a stereotype that implies wrongdoing solely on the part of the male, who takes advantage of an innocent, younger female while simultaneously wronging his older, previous wife. A misogynistic counterpart to the term "trophy wife" could be considered to be "gold digger", which has the implication of a young attractive woman, seducing an older, wealthy man for purpose of financial gain. (From Wikipedia.)

Display wife is the currently accepted definition of trophy wife. It is an unflattering reference to a man who displays his success by acquiring a lovely young wife, like a winners trophy. (From

So, why would anyone think this is a good name for their book?

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