Friday, May 05, 2006

Having FUN With Transistors

Our final project:

Now you can play music by just waving your hands through the air. No hidden wires or strings, and you never touch a thing.

This project ventures into the realm of weird musical instruments. Wave your hand at an innocent-looking oatmeal box and strange sounds are heard from a nearby table radio! With a little practice you, the maestro, can actually play tunes and mystify onlookers. Never does your hand leave your body!...or touch anything but the air surrounding the jolly character pictured on the box in Fig. 9-1.

As you become a more accomplished musician, you'll be able to play requests from the audience or even generate the eerie sounds of a science-fiction movie. Much of the fun is in watching the quizzical look of friends, or family as they try to decide whether you're mad, a genius, or a combination of both.

OK, maestro, step away from the oatmeal container!

BTW, that quizzical look from your family won't be because they are trying to decide whether or not you are mad or a genius. The quizzical look is them trying to decide if that sliver of a change of finding out you are not related to them is worth the cost of DNA testing.

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