Monday, May 01, 2006

Having FUN With Transistors

-By Len Buckwalter
Howard W. Sams Publication (1962)

From backcover:
"uncanny, weird, unique, a real conversation piece"-these adjectives all apply to the 13 exciting transistorized projects presented in this book.

Actually, only the adjective weird applies to the projects presented in this book. This week we will take a look at the weirdest.

Today's project:

This one will fascinate your friends. An ordinary piece of lemon is the basis for a real audio oscillator.

The large object in the foreground of Fig. 4-1 is not a new type of electronic component- it's half a Lemon! Combined with a transistor circuit that can produce a tone, the juice of this fruit supplies the raw material for a working battery!

It's a surprising demonstration that begins when someone holds the headphone to his ear and you touch the penny to the lemon. A tone is heard each time the penny makes contact.
Wow! Electrocution by lemon! That tone is the sound of your brain shorting out each time the penny makes contact!

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