Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Having FUN With Transistors

Our project today:

Wire a room for sound and "eavesdrop" without being seen.

If you've ever wanted to play amateur detective, a valuable addition to your bag of tricks is the electronic "bug" shown in Fig. 6-1. With it you become the intrepid "Sherlock Ohms" (a modern-day version of the turn-of-the-century sleuth). Though the original Sherlock relied heavily on powers of deduction, he might have dispatched the villain faster with some electronic aids.

The coil of wire (15 or more feet) connected to the microphone allows it to be located a considerable distance from the board. Easily hidden, the mike is an electronic eavesdropper sensitive enough to pick up a voice about ten or fifteen feet away.
Don't leave all the fun to your government. You too can snoop on your neighbors and fellow citizens without their knowledge or the legal right to do so. If caught just say you are doing it "to deter and prevent" terrorist acts against our country.

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