Thursday, May 04, 2006

Having FUN With Transistors

Today's project:

An ideal electronic toy for the preschool-age child. Lots of buttons and switches to push that make different sounds.

Pushing buttons and flipping levers seem to have a strange fascination for the toddler set. With the gadget shown in Fig. 11-1, they can play to their heart's content. As they push the buttons mounted on its top panel, an unending series of tones is emitted from a speaker inside the box. Not only are there five separate "toots," but dozens of different tones can be produced from the different switch combinations.

I don't know which is stupider the name of this "toy" or the fact that someone thinks giving a baby a big hunk of metal to play with is a good idea.

As to why I find the name of this project amusing- let me introduce you a poem I learned when I was a little girl:

The musical fruit.
The more you eat
the more you toot.

But you could give this to your baby to play with if you wanted to save hundreds of pennies in Tooth Fairy fees down the road.

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