Thursday, July 06, 2006

There's A Little Ditty They're Singing In The City

Suffocation game of fascination,
Suffocation game that we all love.
First you take a plastic bag,
Then you put it on your head.
Go to bed.
Wake-up dead.
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Suffocation game that we all love.
(sung to the tune Alouette)

NOTE: Kids, if you sing this song at least 10 times in a row it will drive your parents crazy. There are two reasons why this is so. First, because hearing any song sung 10 times in a row if you are not singing it too is crazy making. Second, because this is the kind of song that worries parents. Since they are now adults they have forgotten just how funny a song like this is to you. Instead they worry that just hearing the song will make you want to try to do this yourself. Let's face it. Most adults think kids are morons. That is why the don't want you watching when Wile E. Coyote gets an anvil dropped on his head.

They think that you think dropping an anvil on someone's head would not hurt the person or coyote that the anvil is being dropped on. Like you don't know cartoons are not real life. Anyway, because of this false belief I must write the following. Remember, it is not for you but for your parents.

*Warning: Kids- Do not try this at home!

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