Monday, August 28, 2006

"And the Emmy Goes To..."

1. Host Conan O'Brien for MOST INSENSITIVE MOMENT.

This according to the 64 articles listed on Google News today. It's because he spoofed the opening episode of the TV series LOST by pretending he was in an aircraft that crashes on its way to the Emmys ceremony. Some say this was inappropriate after the crash of Comair Flight 5191 yesterday in which 49 people died.

2. Greg Garcia (winner of OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES for the pilot episode of My Name Is Earl) for BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.

Since his thank-you list was too long he decided to list the people he was not going to thank instead:

"My eighth-grade social studies teacher who told me to sit down and shut up because I wasn't funny. No, thank you Mr. McAdoo. My boss when I was a PA (production assistant) on the show Step by Step who made me clean the gum off the executive producer's shoe. No thank you, ma'am. Tonight I do not share this with you. And finally God. I am sure you are responsible in some way, but you took my hair and that's not cool man."

3. Howie Mandel for MOST UNFUNNY MOMENT.

I'll let Maureen Ryan, The Chicago Tribune television critic, describe it:

(Megan)Mullally, host of a new syndicated NBC-owned talk show, and Howie Mandel, "Deal or No Deal" impresario, performed an unfunny bit in which Mandel trotted out fembots with suitcases in order to find out who won as best director of a variety series. No, really, it was even more painful than that description. And it seemed to take about a year and a half.

4. Calista Flockhart, Barry Manilow, and Kate Jackson in a triple tie for the KENNY RODGERS MEMORIAL AWARD.

Given each year to the most surgerically and/or BOTOXically enhanced celebrity. Calista Flockhart may look good in the photo I've linked to but, let me tell you, she looked frighteningly like Mary Tyler Moore whenever she smiled or moved her mouth.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out, last night was Emmy Night and I watched every minute of it (sort of) on my TiVo.

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