Monday, November 13, 2006

Blue On Blue

I subbed at the library today and since the library was closed on Friday and Saturday I was very busy. This will be a short post. I had a great time with my sisters this weekend but the minute they left I sunk into a big pool of depression that is still clinging to me today.

Some days living in this town is like being in a foreign country. I just don't understand the mentality of the people here. I was checking the election returns for the country I live in and the results that bummed me out the most was the race for Attorney General. The Attorney General before the election was Republican Phil Kline who ran against Democrat Paul Morrison.

After a two year legal fight Kline has seized the medical records of women who had abortions at two Wichita clinics. One is a Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park. The other is the clinic of Dr. George Tiller, who is known for doing late-term abortions. Kline said he wanted the records to see if there was evidence of unreported rape, child rape, incest, illegal late-term abortions or child sex abuse. If this is true then why hasn't he gone after the medical records of all hospitals, medical clinics, and private doctors in the state of Kansas? Talk about invasion of privacy issues.

Anyway, Kline was defeated with 58% of Kansas voters choosing Paul Morrison and 42% voting for Kline. This in a state, as the Kansas City Star pointed out,” where Republicans account for nearly 46 percent of all registered voters."

In my little corner of the world 37% of the people who voted chose Paul Morrison while 63% chose Kline. Almost three-thirds of my neighbors voted for a man who was abusing his position as Attorney General to advance his own religious views. Screw the fourth amendment. Screw Roe V. Wade.

I really don't understand these people.

A couple of articles about Kline's crusade here (from 2005) and here.

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